cheese consumption chart
The average American eats 32.9 pounds of cheese each year! Are you happy being just average? If you want to be above average we can help!

Each year Wisconsin produces more than 23 billion pounds of milk! The Manitowoc Area has a rich dairy history as well. We use the milk produced here to make products like cheese, butter and ice cream.

Nowhere else in the world do they produce cheese in blocks the size and style with which Henning’s Cheese makes it. In their cheese factory in Kiel, they regularly make cheese in 3000 lb blocks and sometimes bigger. If you visit the factory before 10:30 am daily you can see cheese being made through an observation window and look at historic cheese making equipment in their museum.

Pine River Dairy has been making butter for more than 60 years at its current location. You can watch the butter making process from their retail shop. For a sweet treat try their Strawberry butter, or sample their award-winning cold pack cheese spreads.

For a variety of cheese from our area and other parts of Wisconsin visit a retail shop like The Cheese Nook. Here they will be able to provide samples, help you pack your cheese and even assist in shipping cheese. Also available at these shops are cutting boards and cheese slicers which will help you enjoy your treats when you get home.

ice cream sundaeI scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Cedar Crest Specialties produces a large variety of ice cream, sherbet and frozen yogurt. You’ll never have a fresher treat than those served from the ice cream parlor located at their factory. Pose for photos in front of The Big Cow located in front of their plant.

Beerntsen’s Confectionary takes you back to the days of the soda fountain. This old-fashioned candy store and ice cream parlor, founded in 1932, makes homemade candies and hand-dipped chocolates.

For a real lesson in history visit the Historic Washington House, home to the Berners’ Soda Fountain which is known as “the birthplace of the ice cream sundae.” Strawberry, chocolate or caramel, whichever sundae you choose is sure to please.

cheese curdsCheese curds are little known in locations without cheese factories because they should ideally be eaten within hours of manufacture. Their flavor is mild, with about the same firmness as cheese. Fresh curds squeak against the teeth when bitten into. Cheese Curds can be battered and deep fried for a crunchy melty treat. Get fresh cheese curds at the above cheese factories or cheese shops or try deep fried cheese curds at one of many local restaurants.